„I combine the healing power of crystals and minerals with positive power and wine energy.“

Ing. Miroslav Kovács

We offer you unique and original combinations of wine and crystals. We are the first in achieving a connection between the healing power of crystals and wine energy in this unique way. 
Our Crystal wine will bring you emotions and desire and allow you to express your own feelings, opinions, and mood. It will evoke belief in yourself. It will show you an association between your being and nature, power and elements which have been here since the world’s creation.

Find your time and try our Crystal wine, turn your mind off and let your soul express itself. You will receive information from your inside. You will easily be able to describe your own feelings which will allow your inside to speak.

Crystal wine is unique thanks to its balance and harmony. Mineral power brings favorable effects to its aroma and flavor.
Crystal wine induces good atmosphere and mood. It heals your soul so that your physical being can be healed too.



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Ing. Miroslav Kovács

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Jarmila Kovácsová

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