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pecat krystalove vino

Rulandske sede (pinot gris) 2015, varietal

Red Jasper, Crystal

This wine is combined with Red Jasper stone and Raw Crystal and it provides an interconnection with the Earth. It evokes an intimate relationship between the human being and nature. It has a calming effect and brings you the feeling of solidarity which is the foundation of existence.

Earth, soil, nature and forest represents the synchronicity between the floral and animal worlds. A good example of this synchronicity is the bee, whose life depends on the flower, and the flower, which depends on the bee and us, as human beings, who benefit from this spectacular harmony.

Archangel Muriel and this wine with minerals empowers essential chakras.

Savignon 2016, late harvest
Citrine, Crystal

This wine is combined with Citrine and Crystal and it evokes the feelings of playfulness and good moods. It gives you the power to express your feelings, mood and opinions. It releases a good atmosphere, emotions and it encourages you to communicate without boundaries. It empowers you to talk to yourself, to your friends and partners.

A small child with a smile on his face is running towards his mother and while hugging her he is saying: “Mum, I love you!”  He has no boundaries, no shame. He is natural, honest, and free.  The child expresses his feelings, he is not forced to keep it inside himself, he is satisfied. You should also express your feelings, do not gather them inside yourself. Be honest to yourself and it will lead you to freedom.

Archangel Arnael and this wine with minerals empowers the energy of the Navel chakra

pecat krystalove vino
pecat krystalove vino

Svatovavrinecke Rose 2016, late harvest
Carnelian, Rose Quartz

This lovely, harmonic, gentle and passionate wine combined with Carnelian and Rose Quartz stone evokes the love, passion, desire, emotions, essential instincts… a connection between two people, synchronicity between their souls and bodies.

Desire and passion are connected to each other with unconditional love. They are connected with a love which makes you feel free and gives you a sense of being. Forget about your boundaries and do not block your instincts and desires to your fateful love. You should give your love and feelings and you will get back the same. Unconditional love is happiness and satisfaction. Do not think about yourself but about those who you want to give your love to, and then the love will come back to you and you can share it.

Archangel Samuel and this wine with minerals empowers energy of Sacral chakra and it brings you energy of love, the Heart Chakra.



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